Managing Building Adaptation: A Sustainable Approach

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Week 1: Managing building adaptation processes
Introduction to building adaptation, the sustainability and managerial challenges involved, the cyclical development process of real estate, and need for management tools.

Week 2: Urban development management
Introduction to urban development management, dealing with contextual issues for building adaptation, such as sustainability policies, real estate markets and location opportunities.

Week 3: Adaptive reuse management
Introduction to the phenomenon of adaptive reuse, focusing on re-design concepts, highest-and-best-use proposals, and financial viability of transformation.

Week 4 Construction and project management
Introduction to construction and project management, dealing with realising adaption plans, making use of organisational structures and smart planning methods.

Week 5: Housing transformation management
Introduction to housing transformation management, including asset management, maintenance and operations, user preferences, and energy efficiency measures.

Week 6: Recap of managing building adaptation
Conclusion and reflection on lessons learned about managing building adaptation, and the applicability and transferability of results to other institutional contexts.