Week 1 : Introduction to Management Information systems :Types of MIS, Capabilities, Complements, CCR Framework; Role of manager with respect to IT in an organizationWeek 2 : Database management systems, Data Warehousing, Foundations of business intelligence, Data and Text Mining.Week 3 : Strategic Enterprise Systems - ERP, SCM, CRM, SRM.Week 4 : Strategic Enterprise Systems (contd..)
Week 5 : Operational Support Systems - Manufacturing Systems, Sales and Marketing Systems, HRIS, Finance and Accounting SystemsWeek 6 : Operational Support Systems (contd..)Week 7 : IT Strategy and Balanced Scorecard – IT strategies, IT- business alignment, balanced scorecard, cloud and vendor strategiesWeek 8 : Mobile and E-commerce – B2C, B2B and e-procurement, C2C and mobile commerce
Week 9 : Emerging Technologies – Cloud computing, Big Data Technologies, Internet of Things, Bring Your Own Device (BYoD,) Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Artificial InelligenceWeek 10 : Emerging Technologies (contd..)Week 11 : Knowledge Management – Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, Learning Management Systems, Executive Information SystemsWeek 12 : Social , ethical and security Issues in MIS