Management Foundations in the Hospitality Industry

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  • Module 1: Introduction to HR, Job Analysis, and Design
    • In our first module, we will discuss descriptions and functions of Human Resources departments, specifically within hospitality organizations. (Human Resources will often be abbreviated as HR in this course - this is also how the industry refers to Human Resources.)
  • Module 2: Planning, Recruiting, and Talent Selection
    • In this module, we will continue to learn about best practices for planning for proper staffing levels and recruiting the best talent.
  • Module 3: Orientation, Socialization, and Culture
    • In this module, we will discover the importance of selecting the right talent for a hospitality organization and review important strategies designed to increase the likelihood of success when selecting people for a job.
  • Module 4: Training and Development
    • In this module, we examine training programs and employee performance appraisals.