Management Accounting

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Week 1: Management accounting-relevance and rationale, Major differences between Management Accounting,Financial Accounting & Cost Accounting, Historical development of Management Accounting as subjectof academic interest, Uses & Applications of Management Accounting in managerial decision making, Cost sheet or statement of cost - Concept & rationaleWeek 2: Preparation of cost sheet, Treatment of stock in cost sheet, Budgeting as toolof Management Accounting -Uses & applications, Different types of Budget - Master budget, Flexiblebudget & cash budget.Week 3: Master Budget - Methods of preparing master budget,Case studiesWeek 4: Master Budget - Case studies (contd), Flexible Budget - Concept & rationale, uses and applications of flexible budgets. Major differences between Master & Flexible budgets, methods of preparing flexible budgetWeek 5: Methods of preparing flexible budget, Standard costing - Concept & rationale, Major differences between budgets & standard costing,Tool & techniques of standard costing.Week 6: Variance analysis - Analysis of Material, labor & overhead variances. Week 7: Variance analysis - a case study, Marginal Costing - Meaning and rationale, Tools & techniques of MarginalCostingWeek 8: Applications of marginal costing in management decision makingWeek 9: Marginal costing - a case study, Activity based costing (ABC) -Concept, Methods/Techniques of ABC, ABC in Manufacturing industry.Week 10:ABC in Manufacturing industry and service industryWeek 11:Management Control system - Tools & TechniquesWeek 12:Responsibility accounting. Concept & Rationale, responsibility centres, goal congruence, managerial efforts and motivation; Controllability and measurement of financial performance, responsibility accounting in service,government and non-profit organizations.