Making Your First Virtual Reality Game

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  • Welcome
    • This week you will start the process of creating your first VR Game. We will explain the steps you will go through when you're creating the game and you will start thinking of your idea. You will also meet our experts who will be explaining their VR projects and giving advice to you.
  • The game concept
    • This week you will be developing your game idea into a more complete design by developing a storyboard.
  • Prototyping
    • This week you will be developing your first working prototype, which will test out the basic mechanics and interaction of your game.
  • Testing
    • Last week you developed a prototype, and this week you will test it with players to see if it works for them and to gather feedback for your future development.
  • Developing your game
    • This week you will use the results of your user testing to start developing the game proper: refining the interaction and implementing the graphics.
  • The final project
    • This is the final week of this course, and the whole specialisation. You will be finishing your game project and submitting it for peer review. You will also have a chance to reflect on what you have learned and look to the future of VR, and your place in it.