Making Money as a Freelancer

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  • Course Overview
    • In this section, you'll review the course introduction and student expectations. You'll also get to know some of the successful freelancers in our community and hear practical advice about how they handle financial decisions. Lastly, you'll have the opportunity to have a meet and greet with your peers.
  • Personal and Business Finances
    • In this section, we'll dig into key financial concepts that will create a solid foundation for a successful freelance career. You'll explore the factors to consider when transitioning from a job to a freelance career, how to set up healthy habits for personal and business financial management, and how to plan for your future.
  • Making and Managing Money in Your Business
    • In this section, you'll consider how to price your offerings, how to forecast the number of sales you'll need, and how to consider all the costs that go into running a business. These factors will help you consider many options and choose a business model that fits your goals for your financial future as a freelancer.
  • How are you doing?
    • How will you get the help you need to run a freelancing business? In this section, you'll learn the importance of key business advisors and professional tools to manage your finances. You'll also learn how to look at your financial reports so that you can understand the financial aspects of your business.
  • Making Financial Decisions
    • In managing a business, you'll need to make many important decisions that will have a financial impact. It is important to track and interpret information to help you make wise decisions, and know when to consult with experts to help you plan and stay on track.