Making a Leather Jacket: How to Design and Sew Your “Dream” Jacket

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*Note: If you need additional help with this project, I offer 1:1 personalized instruction. Just email me!

This class will discuss each step of leather jacket construction, and demonstrate the various skills needed to make your own piece. We will start with the general design process, and cover the selection of materials, cutting, interfacing, sewing the leather shell, sewing zippers, attaching lining, and adding hardware. I will also go over the tools, machines, and processes that are unique to leather garment construction.

This is an advanced course, and it is helpful to have prior knowledge and experience working with industrial sewing machines. However, that is not a prerequisite. There are enough resources online and through various in-person classes to learn the fundamentals of sewing in no time at all. I learned this way myself, and I encourage beginners to challenge themselves to do the same. The skills taught in this course are applicable throughout the entire process of learning to sew, and apply to working with materials of any kind...not just leather.

Unfortunately, the pattern mentioned in this class is no longer available to purchase. For an alternative option, I suggest: (inexpensive and good!)

Please note: working with sewing equipment, machines, shears, and other tools is DANGEROUS! Please take great care when working with all tools. Safety tips and precautions are not included in this video lesson. You should review all relevent safety information associated with the tools and machines you are using. Jeff Cafone and Jeff Cafone LLC is not liable for any injuries or other damages associated with this class project or resulting from the skills learned therewithin. You undertake this project at your own risk.