Machine learning with Python for finance professionals

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  1. Introduction to Python for accountants

  2. Beginner level module targeted at an audience new to Python and programming in general. No prior experience required other than basic IT literacy.

  3. Topics covered: Introduction to Python; running Python using Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook; data types, variables, mathematical operators, flow control, functions.

  4. Python for data analysis

  5. Learn the basics of using Python to work with data. This module will focus on pandas, a powerful and easy tool for data analysis and manipulation.

  6. Load data from different sources, drill down and segment, create pivot table style aggregations and explore various data visualisation libraries.

  7. Automating Excel using Python

  8. Automate commonly repeated Excel workflows using the xlwings Python library. Learn how to control Excel from Python and create template reports that update live with the latest data.

  9. Write macros using Python that can be run from within Excel at the click of a button, and that have access to the full power of the Python data scientific ecosystem of tools.

4. Machine learning with Python

  • Introductory hands-on module covering the essentials of implementing a real-world machine learning project.

  • Understand the basics of ML theory and its relationship to data science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Learn how to evaluate and tune classifier algorithms, and how to prevent overfitting using cross-validation