Machine Learning Foundations for Product Managers

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In this first course of the AI Product Management Specialization offered by Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, you will build a foundational understanding of what machine learning is, how it works and when and why it is applied. To successfully manage an AI team or product and work collaboratively with data scientists, software engineers, and customers you need to understand the basics of machine learning technology. This course provides a non-coding introduction to machine learning, with focus on the process of developing models, ML model evaluation and interpretation, and the intuition behind common ML and deep learning algorithms. The course will conclude with a hands-on project in which you will have a chance to train and optimize a machine learning model on a simple real-world problem.

At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:
1) Explain how machine learning works and the types of machine learning
2) Describe the challenges of modeling and strategies to overcome them
3) Identify the primary algorithms used for common ML tasks and their use cases
4) Explain deep learning and its strengths and challenges relative to other forms of machine learning
5) Implement best practices in evaluating and interpreting ML models