Machine Learning For Soil And Crop Management

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Week 1: General Oerview Of Ml And Dl Applications In AgricultureWeek 2: Basics Of Multivariate Data AnalyticsWeek 3: Principal Component Analysis And Regression Applications In AgricultureWeek 4: Applications Of Classification And Clustering Methods In AgricultureWeek 5: Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy: Basics And Applications For Crop And SoilWeek 6: Use Of Ml For Portable Proximal Soil And Crop SensorsWeek 7: Ml And Dl For Soil And Crop Image ProcessingWeek 8: Uav And Ml Applications In AgricultureWeek 9: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing And Ml Applications In AgricultureWeek 10: Digital Soil Mapping – General OverviewWeek 11: Digital Soil Mapping With Continuous VariablesWeek 12: Digital Soil Mapping With Categorical Variables