Lucid Dreaming in 10 Days – Dream Yoga with Mindfulness

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Get to know your Inner Self or manifest anything! Step by step methods + Binaural meditation MP3. Listen to my personal journey and lucid dreams. 

What you’ll learn

  • Look into your soul through direct communication with your subconscious mind
  • Discover the dream world`s architecture and eliminate nightmares, fears & anxieties
  • Live out any desire and fantasy in the lucid dreamworld including flying and sex
  • Learn to remember your dreams and how to interpret what they mean
  • Learn the science of sleep cycles and the REM phase
  • Learn about the greater philosophy of lucid dreaming and how it boosts one`s self-awareness
  • Have a life changing spiritual experience in the form of `astral projection`
  • Take your mindfulness practice to a whole new level by gaining a unique perspective of the world
  • Solve issues of Sleep Paralysis and PTSD
  • Explore spiritual concepts in a practical way, for example `Karma, Spirit guides, Channeling and Past lives`
  • Begin conversations with characters in your dreams
  • Find your life`s purpose or get inspiration for your art, invention or business.


My name is Peter Torok and I would like to welcome you to my comprehensive Lucid Dreaming class. I have taught this skill one to one, online and on retreats.  I am dedicating most of my time to researching lucid dreaming, psychology and consciousness.

I personally think that we can learn so much about ourselves through lucid dreaming! Moreover, it also enables me to live out any desire I have, to look into my subconscious mind and to explore spirituality in a truly experiential way...

This course teaches the following methods: DILD, SSILD, WBTB, MILD and FSV. Lucid Dreaming leads to the skills to:

-Experience the exhilarating freedom of flying or manifesting a dream person

-Prolong and deepen the lucid state, plus really get to know the dream`s architecture and it`s mechanisms

-Reach a new perspective in your mindfulness practice

-Gain access to an amazing spiritual experience. (I guide you through a once secret technique of the ancient eastern and shamanic traditions and I`ll show you the scientific research behind it too)

-Explore concepts like `Astral projection, Past lives and Spirit guides`

-How to remember and interpret your dreams

-How to use affirmations correctly to program your mind

-Explore worlds beyond imagination (Travel through space, walls and portals and many more)

-Face your fears: discover their root causes and how to overcome them

-Improve your confidence levels by practicing a life skill or scenario. Try something you would not dare in waking life

-Do healing on yourself. (Lucid dreaming can also complement therapy; it is the bridge that leads to the depths of our mind. While being conscious in the dream state we can access repressed memories and tackle the source of emotional conflicts and manage PTSD)

-Eliminate sleep paralysis and nightmares

-Unleash your creativity (Famous creators like Einstein, Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Stephen King, Salvador Dali and many more reported that ideas would come to them in their lucid dreams) 

Why choose my class?

-You can learn from a qualified teacher (PGCE), who is dedicated to both lucid dreaming and mentoring

-You can learn the methods, which allow me to lucid dream on demand

-I show you custom made, animated demonstrations of complex phenomena, e.g.: the laws of the dream world, out of body transitions, etc.

-I provide detailed dream analysis and troubleshooting through my own examples

-I share my own transformational lucid dreams

-The training is clear, to the point and has step by step instructions

-We`ll create a personalised training schedule for you

-I provide binaural guided meditation, dream journal template and course notes

-You gain access to my Facebook community, in which you may discuss your progression with other lucid dreamers & mindfulness practitioners

-I`m always happy to answer your questions


What does Lucid Dreaming feel like?

You may experience previously unseen colours, sounds, scenery, surprising interactions and 100 fold amplified blissful feelings. Spoken language proves to be insufficient to explain this. In lucid dreams, and `astral projection` things behave differently. One may be in multiple places at the same time and have multiple points of view simultaneously. It is like going beyond three dimensions. In the state when we are conscious beyond our wakeful body, everything is controlled by thought, intention and expectation. One moves around by thinking/wanting to do so and experiences things by intending them to manifest. It may sounds mystical, but the number of people who have this skill is growing fast.

Would you like to dream about anything you want, while being 100% self-aware, exactly as you are in your wakeful life?

The course shows you how to realise that you are in a dream world and how to change things as you see fit. Fly, meet a special person or revisit memories: just as you have seen in Inception or The Matrix. It is your inner space to create and experience anything you want.

I'm confident that you'll love the class and that once you take action, you will revolutionise your sleeping, dreaming and wakeful life! 

I hope to see you soon,


***This is my level 1 Beginner Training, centered around Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness, which are prerequisites of Dream Yoga.

***My level 2 Advanced Training focuses on Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, the `Astral Projection` technique and Dream Yoga practices. (Launching soon)

This is what people said about my material:

Hi, I have just finished listening to the material. It`s absolutely professional stuff, seriously. Now I understand lucid dreaming. I must listen to it once or twice more. You know very much, it is clear and not only about lucid dreams. So, I will practice and practice.    -Leslie K.

I like everything that you are saying about lucid dreaming very much. You demonstrate the levels through which we can progress…and I think that only the sky is the limit! Thank you for sharing this, it contains huge ideas!   -Valeria Zs.

“I can`t believe it, but tonight I managed to lucid dream! It was an incredible feeling! Thank you very much, all of this couldn`t have happened without you. Again, thanks.”    -Dr2cube  (One day after listening to the material)

This material is so genius. I recommend lucid dreaming to everybody   -V.P.