Low Poly Art For Video Games

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  • WEEK 1: Intro to Low Poly Art
    • In this first week we will talk about the basics of creating a game model in the low poly style. This will likely be the quickest of the 5 weeks, so take some time to check out the optional Maya LT intro to make sure you have a grasp of all the essential skills we will be covering in the course.
  • Week 2: Low Poly Environment Art
    • In this week we will move onto environments. The goal is to create a set of simple models that can be used to create scenes in maya. Depending on the number of models and their complexity this might be a more time consuming than the previous week.
  • Week 3 Low Poly Character Art
  • Week 4 Animating Low Poly Art
    • In this week we will be taking our character from week 3 and animating a few simple animations for it. Rigging can be tricky at first, so make sure you check out the rigging and animation primer if you need to. The goal here is to quickly get a character that we can animate, then create a few simple and expressive animations for use in a 3d game.
  • Week 5: Low Poly Art Project
    • For the final week, take the project assets you have made so far and improve them based on the feedback you received. Take this week to go back and redo anything you would have like to tackle in a different way. The goal here is to finish with a series of low poly assets you could use in a simple 3d game.