Low Intermediate English: Shopping & Customer Service

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  • Course Introduction & Voxy Orientation
    • This week, you will learn about this course and understand how to use Voxy's innovative platform.
  • Going Shopping
    • This week, you will describe where, when, why, and how you shop the way you do.
  • Reviews
    • This week, you will share your opinions on what to buy and where to buy it in the form of business and product reviews.
  • Contacting Customer Service
    • This week, you will look at how to use phone calls and emails to provide customers with both general and specific information and resolve their problems.
  • Helping Customers in Person
    • This week, you will look again at how to provide customers with information and resolve their problems, but this time in person.
  • Course Project: Independent Study
    • This week, you will have the chance to choose the topic you study for your End of Course project.