Low Intermediate English: Personal Growth & Well-Being

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  • Course Introduction & Voxy Orientation
    • This week, you will learn about this course and understand how to use Voxy's innovative platform.
  • Healthy Habits
    • This week, you will consider the connections between fitness, nutrition, and healthy sleep.
  • Personal Growth
    • This week, you will describe your skills, goals, and life experiences and understand life advice given by others.
  • Workplace Well-Being
    • This week, you will examine healthy work environments, learn ways to deal with stress, and discuss balancing work with life.
  • Professional Development
    • This week, you will consider different ways to set professional goals, network, and develop your professional skills.
  • Course Project: Independent Study
    • This week, you will have the chance to choose the topic you study for your End of Course project.