• Cloud Computing Models
    • In this module, we look at different cloud computing models. We start with a look at Software-as-a-Service. Next, we move on to Infrastructure-as-a-Service and think about the rule of Linux in all the IAAS services available. Lastly, we look at Platform-as-a-Service and how Linux can play a crucial role in future PAAS offerings.
  • Virtualization
    • In this module, we look at how to virtualize guest operating systems running under a Linux host operating system. We will differentiate different types of hypervisors used for the virtualization process. Next, we will look at managing virtual machines running in a host Linux system, bootstrapping new installations and finally we will consider how to virtualize the network connections.
  • Version Control
    • In this module, we look at how we can manage versions of source control in the cloud using the Git version control system. We will talk about version control at an abstract level and then drill into the details on how to commit source code to a Git repository and then follow up with how to merge different versions in Git.
  • DevOps Basics
    • In this module, we look at DevOps and the use of Linux and the cloud. We will think about containers and how we can orchestrate their configuration to replicate environments for the testing and deployment of software.