Linux Basics: The Command Line Interface – 6

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  • Welcome
    • Let's get coding!
  • Week 1: History of Linux and the command line
    • By the end of Week 1, you will be able to describe the background, key dates, and important people of the creation of Linux projects, UNIX, and C. You will also be able to run commonly used pre-installed programs on Linux via the command line interface.
  • Week 2: The Linux file system
    • By the end of Week 2, You will be able to navigate through the Linux Filesystem with the command line interface. You will also be comfortable working with files and in directories using the following skills: creating, deleting, copying, renaming, and moving.
  • Week 3: C program compilation with gcc
    • By the end of Week 3, you will be able to inspect the memory consumption of processes using the Linux common line interface (CLI), as well as build interactive programs for the CLI in the C programming language. You will also be able to evaluate the average CPU consumption, distinguish between compilation and interpretation of programs, and run/compile a program written in C on Linux.
  • Concluding the course