Life After COVID-19: Get Ready for our Post-Pandemic Future

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  • Welcome to our Post-Pandemic Future
    • Are you ready to zoom out of the present and into the future? This week, you'll learn how to get into a "post-pandemic" mindset. You'll discover the four patterns of change to watch during any major disruption or crisis. You'll hear the Institute for the Future's forecast for what Life After Covid-19 will be like over the next 3-5 years, including the biggest risks, opportunities and dilemmas. And you'll find out how, exactly, the Institute forecasts pandemics and their surprising long-term consequences. You'll end the week by making your own first post-pandemic future forecast.
  • Make a Plan for Resilience
    • Are you ready to "ride the rollercoaster" of post-pandemic recovery and reinvention? This week, you'll explore the 7 urgent challenges that will define the post-pandemic recovery. You'll learn how to use the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report, to prioritize risks for your community or organization. You'll play "The First 5 Minutes of the Future", a game that can help you prepare for "unimaginable" future shocks. And you'll use everything you learn this week to make your own first plan for resilience.
  • Learn the Habits of Professional Futurists
    • This week, you'll learn how to practice the 3 most important habits of professional futurists. You'll choose your own "driving forces" to track. You'll collect and analyze "signals of change." And you'll play the game, "100 Ways Anything Can Be Different in the Future", to unstick your mind and stretch your imagination about what might change after the pandemic. These habits will teach you how to keep anticipating what's next, long after the current pandemic is over.
  • Final Project: Choose your Action for Post-Pandemic Transformation
    • What action can you take right now, to shape a better life after Covid-19? This week, you'll learn how to use the Institute for the Future's Toolkit for Transformation. Think of it as a cooperative card game, played with 3 decks. You can use the toolkit to inspire your own thinking about how to make a better world after the pandemic. You can also use the toolkit with groups to lead conversations about the future. After you learn how to use the Toolkit, you'll complete a final project: Choose Your Own Action for Post-Pandemic Transformation.