Library Automation and Digitisation

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Innovations in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has brought about drastic changes in the day to day functioning of libraries. Technological aids have been used in libraries to facilitate and enhance the library services as and when they are introduced. In the late 1800s the typewriters revolutionalised the working of the of the libraries. Introduction of the microcomputers brought about a transition from manual systems to automated systems in housekeeping operations of the libraries. The library collections have also changed over the years. More and more multimedia resources are getting added in the library collection. Another major trend is towards digitisation of the collection and building digital repositories.This course introduces you to the concepts of library automation and digitisation.
Objectives of the Course:
The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of the following aspects:
• automation of housekeeping operations with special reference to open source library automation software Koha; • rendering of computerized services; • different types of media resources and their preservation and maintenance; • need and purpose of digitization; • processes, methods and equipments used for digitizing; and • developing digital library using open source DSpace software.