Level Up Your Pattern Design | Advanced Techniques using Adobe Illustrator

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In this class you will learn how to make your surface pattern designs look more professional using advanced techniques such as half-drop & brick repeats, tossed, directional and layered patterns. 

You’ll learn my personal tips and tricks on how to check your pattern for flaws, how to create patterns where it’s less obvious to see where the repeat starts and ends and you’ll also learn how to easily change the size of a finished pattern tile.

This class is for you who want to take your pattern design skills to the next level. You already know how to create a basic repeat pattern and want to learn advanced techniques within pattern design. In the end of this class you’ll have the skills needed to create more professional looking patterns and take your pattern design to the next level.

This is in intermediate class and you need to have basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator to get started. We will use motifs that we've already drawn, so have some motifs ready and let's get started! 

P.S. If you feel that this class is to advanced for you then check out my other more beginners friendly classes here on Skillshare first (such as From Sketch to Repeat Pattern or Sketch and Draw Motifs in Adobe Fresco)

If you share your project on Instagram feel free to tag me with @maja_faber , I can't wait to see what you create!