Let’s Talk Freelance With John Morris

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  • EP8: 6 Creative Ways to Land Your First Freelance Client In 30 Days or Less
  • EP7: 11 Tips to Get Started Freelancing
  • EP6: Upwork Exploitatie Part 2: Build Your Profile
  • EP5: Upwork Exploitatie Part 1: Master Strategy
  • EP4: Instant Influence Part 1: Vision
  • EP3: The Purple Cow Principle
  • EP2: Pandemic Proof Your Business and Life
  • EP1: How I Fooled Inc. Magazine
  • BONUS: Tornado Principle
  • BONUS: How to Get Started Freelancing
  • BONUS: How to Rank In Google for Key Freelancer Searches
  • BONUS: Package and Price Your Freelance Services
  • BONUS: How to Create a Job-Getting Portfolio
  • BONUS: Finding Passion In Your Freelance Career
  • BONUS: How to Pick a Profitable Freelance Niche
  • BONUS: Build Your Freelance Website With WordPress
  • BONUS: I Just Built Your Freelance Website For You
  • BONUS: How to Estimate the Time and Cost of Projects
  • BONUS: Manage Scope Creep & Pushy Clients
  • BONUS: How to Become a 6-Figure Freelancer
  • BONUS: How to Craft a Winning Proposal
  • BONUS: How to Get Clients In Competitive Markets
  • BONUS: Quitting Your Day Job and Freelancing Full-Time
  • BONUS: How to Create a Profitable Online Course
  • BONUS: The Apostle Principle
  • BONUS: How to Get "Lowball" Clients to Increase Their Budget