Learning Management System

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A. Foundation of LMS   Week 1:E-learning Fundamentals: Basics of e-learning, Synchronous and Asynchronous Mode of e-learning, Instructional Objectives and Instructional System Design (ISD) – Process, features and need for ISD, e-learning Resources, Various terminologies in e-learning   Week 2:LMS fundamentals, Major features of LMS, Authoring, Personalized Learning, Content Management, Course Management, Learners’ Profile, Assessment, Reporting Tools, Communication, Essential Modules.   Week 3:Learning methods: Conventional learning Vs e-learning - Learning Domain – Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor - Learning Approach – Deep learning, Surface learning - Types of learning – Discovery learning, Inductive learning etc., Instructional System design, Adult learning approach   B. Technology and Standards   Week 4:LMS and Standards – SCORM - Requirement of Reference Model, Content Aggregation Model (CAM), Properties of SCORM compliant content, Shared Content Object (SCO), Run Time Environment (RTE), Sequencing and Navigation(S&N), LTSA - Five-layer architecture, Concept of LRS and LRS Implementation in LMS   Week 5:Internet Technology, TCP/IP Protocol, Web 2.0   Week 6: Technology and use – Hypertext, Hypermedia, HTTP, Web Technology, LAMP/XAMPP, HTML, XML, Social Media, Learning 2.0   C. Aspects of LMS   Week 7: Security and LMS - Security issues in Internet based application, LMS Risk Analysis and LMS risk analysis, LMS security and privacy control   Week 8: Plagiarism and LMS - Introduction, Plagiarism Detection Methods, Anti plagiarism Software.