Learn to Paint Realistic Watercolor Butterflies

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Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and magical visitors to my garden, always bringing me joy with their presence. They also lend themselves beautifully to watercolor and make striking illustrations when rendered realistically.

In this class I will share:

  • How/where I find inspiration/subjects/models for painting realistic watercolor butterfly illustrations
  • The materials I use for my watercolor paintings
  • Tips for sketching to help you get a feel for the shapes/patterns of butterflies
  • How to choose subjects so you'll be most successful and how to mix paint to match
  • My process for painting butterflies with watercolor:
    • Creating an initial sketch on the watercolor paper
    • Preparing the sketched paper for paint
    • Putting down initial color washes
    • Adding details
    • Finishing the painting

This class is designed to give beginning watercolorists the confidence and skills to be successful at painting realistic butterfly illustrations.