Learn to Make Procreate Brushes – From Traditional to Digital

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Welcome to the Procreate Brush Studio - From Traditional to Digital online class!

I started painting when I was a child. And as every child, I painted intuitively. Noone has told me how to hold the brush, how to make a stroke, how to use water. I just painted from my heart and discovered the techniques on my own. Now, when digital came into my life a few years ago, I really missed the effects I have already discovered in traditional techniques.

This is why I am dedicating this class to rediscovering analogue techniques and translating them to the digital medium.

Procreate has just released Procreate 5 with a completely new brush studio. There are so many settings, and infinite possibilities to create a brush, so I decided to challenge myself and YOU to create a complete set of illustration brushes based on the supplies I used for my illustrations created in traditional techniques.

In this class we are going to create a brush set that can mimic the effects of a traditional illustration made with watercolors, colored pencils, a micron pen and a gel pen.

When we have our brush set, we will do a step-by-step digital illustration together. I will provide you all the resources for free use, from the original sketch to the full brush set, so if you are here only for the tutorial, you can still enjoy this class.

In this class we are going to need an ipad with Procreate 5 installed on it. As the class is dedicated specifically to the Procreate Brush Studio, it is not recommended to do the class with a different program.

You do not really need any prior knowledge or experience. If you are a complete novice to Procreate and digital illustration, you can take the class with confidence, as I will provide you a detailed description of all the steps we will take, and you will be able to complete the class project with ease. If you are experienced in Procreate, you can still have a lot to take away from this class, mainly if you are not familiar how digital brushes work.

This class is great for beginner illustrators who are just starting out, art enthusiasts who are procrastinating over creating their first own brushes and for creatives who would love to continue their traditional techniques digitally.

In this class you will get an insight, what to look for in brushes in order to replicate them digitally.

You will learn to control the settings to reach your desires.

You will be able to create a complete brush set on your own to have a brush for a background, linework, shading, texture, detail and noise.

This class will be an experience that will bring your skills to a whole new level! So, are you ready?

Let's get started! 

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