Learn Jazz Piano: II. Improvising on Jazz Standards

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Start improvising jazz piano

This online course follows the course Learn Jazz Piano: I. Begin with the Blues from Goldsmiths, University of London. It’s ideal if you can already play the piano and scales, and have a basic ability to read music.

You will learn more about the blues and jazz standards, and explore the nature of improvisation in more depth.

You will learn the basics by watching an overhead video of the keyboard, so you can try for yourself at home and you will also be able to play along to pre-recorded bass and drum tracks.

This course is ideal for any interested pianist, but may be of particular interest to university or college piano students studying music.

We recommend you complete the previous course Learn Jazz Piano: I. Begin with the Blues before you begin this one.

You’ll need to have access to a piano or keyboard, and have a computer, tablet or smart phone set up next to it.