Learn Jazz Piano: I. Begin with the Blues

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Learn to play jazz piano, from the blues to a jazz standard.

This online course is the first of four on playing jazz piano. It is aimed at playing modern jazz piano in a group context. It’s ideal if you can already play the piano, play your scales and have a basic ability to read music. The course utilises an overhead camera to show you exactly what is being played. So firstly it is a “How To” course: “Watch what is being played - now try it yourself”. In addition it relies on using “playalongs”, that is pre-recorded bass and drum tracks which you can play along with. The course concentrates on the blues first and then looks at playing a jazz standard.

This course is for any interested pianist, but may be of particular interest to university or college piano students studying music.

You’ll need to have access to a piano or keyboard and a computer, tablet or smart phone set up next to it.