Learn English Through TV Drama Series: Upper Intermediate English Language

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Stay engaged as you learn English with a course based around a television drama

If you enjoy watching television dramas and you want to improve your Upper Intermediate English skills, this six-week course is perfect for you.

The unique format combines short episodes of an engaging drama and active learning exercises, ensuring that you not only speak English fluently, but that you are thoroughly entertained.

Dive into this interactive English course

To acquire Upper Intermediate English level skills, you need to stay interested in the subject matter. On this course, you’ll get to watch exciting episodes of a television drama series (titled Fortune) which will definitely get your attention.

After each episode, you’ll work through active learning exercises related to the show. Every session ends with a ‘cliff-hanger’ moment, so you’ll always want to watch more and continue to learn English. This will hold your interest, make you work harder, and develop stronger language skills.

Learn English for every occasion

This English course will teach you the language skills you need for any situation. You’ll cover English phrases for daily use, so you can talk to other speakers in a natural way.

Besides this conversational English, the course also focuses on understanding grammar and complex ideas. By the end, you’ll be able to evaluate complicated speech or text and formulate your own complicated responses.

Choose trusted professionals to deliver your English course

The educators, applied linguists, and filmmakers at Chasing Time English create video content that will intrigue you as you develop your conversational English and other skills. Choose to study with them, and be sure of an excellent experience.

This course is designed for adult, tertiary and high school students interested in improving their Upper Intermediate English skills. For maximum benefit, learners should have a minimum CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) B1.