Lean Software Development

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  • Lean Fundamentals
    • In this module, we will first learn about core lean principles from manufacturing. After that we will learn how you can apply these lean principles in software development. Finally we will learn about Lean Principles of software development in depth. At the end of this module, you will build the foundational knowledge around lean concepts.
  • Kanban, Value Steam Mapping and Kaizen
    • In this module we will learn about Kanban and other Lean practices like Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen etc. You will gain the ability to participate effectively in using these tools and practices.
  • Lean Startup
    • In this lesson we will learn techniques like Lean Startup and Design Thinking that can help your team learn about user and market needs much faster.
  • Design Thinking
    • In this module, we will learn about a technique called "Learn Startup with Design Thinking". These techniques help the team learn about user needs. You will also get an opportunity to apply this technique on a fictional case study. At the end of this module, you will be able to uncover user needs using "Lean Startup with Design Thinking".