The concept of leadership has been employed within different context and at different levels of analysis e.g. self-leadership, small-group leadership, organizational leadership and national leadership. The primary purpose of this course is to serve as a catalyst for the students of leadership’s thinking and dialogue about leaders and the process of leadership.

INTENDED AUDIENCE:Students in Management, Industrial Psychology, Public Administration



Week 1: Introduction to Leadership: Functions; Leadership Roles: Leaders Vs Managers: TheoriesWeek 2: Leadership Styles: Effective Vs Successful Managers; Leadership Styles: Adaptation - Studies / Case: “From Sindhi to Siddhi” (Part - I) Leadership Behaviour: Emergence: Leadership and Trust; Case: “From Sindhi to Siddhi (Part-II)”/ Transformation Leadership.Week 3: Leadership Skills: Leadership and Management; Case: The DVC story - A First Person Account Leadership in Action - (Part - I) Competencies and Skills of Leaders: Issues in Organizational Leadership; Case: The DVC Story - A First Person Account Leadership in Action Part – IIWeek 4: Self Regulating - The Key to Institution Building Framework of institution Building; Case: “Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi” (Part - I) Issues in Institution Building; Case: Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi (Part-II)