Leadership Through Marketing

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  • Leading Strategy with a Customer Perspective with Gregory Carpenter
    • In this module, we will explore the changes that the digital age has empowered consumers and the impact of that change on how firms create value for consumers and competitive advantage in the process. We will explore the strategy development process, the role of brands, and the the successful evolution of brands over time.
  • Creating a truly customer-focused culture to unleash growth with Gregory Carpenter and Sanjay Khosla
    • In this module, we will explore the concept of corporate culture and how you as a leader can help create a culture well suited for the digital age. We will explore the nature of culture, the values of successful firms, how firms adapt to change, empower individuals, and unleash growth.
  • Leadership’s Role in Analytics with Florian Zettelmeyer
    • Why the data explosion in marketing has made an understanding of Big Data and Analytics essential for Leadership through Marketing.
  • A Working Knowledge of Data Science with Florian Zettelmeyer
    • Get started with a Working Knowledge of Data Science by learning a simple framework that will help you catch a large fraction of the bad analytics you encounter on a regular basis.