Leadership Skills and Change Management in Uncertain Times

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Become a master of leadership with Ducere Global Business School

Change is inevitable and though it can be disruptive, it is also imperative for organisational success. As a leader, being able to adapt to change and effectively carry out change management is key in helping to move your team forward.

On this two-week course, you’ll delve into change management and how it can be used to drive acceptance, improve productivity, and increase employee retention.

You’ll master the art of leadership in change management as you learn from the former US Director of the C.I.A, General David Petraeus. By the end, you’ll have the leadership skills to overcome complex challenges during uncertain times.

Develop key change management skills

Guided by global leaders and insightful videos, you’ll delve into how complex changes impact organisations.

With this knowledge, you’ll learn crucial change management skills to help you minimise disruption within the business.

Drive change using business strategies and communications skills

Next, you’ll develop the skills necessary to drive change in an organisation through unique business strategies and communication skills.

You’ll discover the power of storytelling as well as the negative side of uncertainty, such as fear, to understand how you can navigate these complex challenges.

Develop your emotional intelligence to guide crisis leadership

Finally, you’ll learn how to improve your emotional intelligence to ensure you can be an effective leader during times of crisis.

With expert guidance throughout the course, you’ll finish with the crucial leadership skills to help you face complex challenges and changes with confidence.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to advance their leadership and change management skills.