Leadership for India Inc: Practical Concepts and Constructs

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This 12 week course on Leadership provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the multi-faceted domain of leadership and management, blending theory and practice in a very distinctive manner. It demonstrates the importance of leadership as the engine of industrial and business growth. It brings out several new constructs based on real-life case examples, and practical applications of theory, in a multi-disciplinary approach. The course helps the participants acquire soft-skills and develop a leadership personality in appropriate interface with technology, business and socio-economic factors.
The course incorporates several models for executives to be successful, and details the pathways for them to attain positions of leadership in their professions and organizations. The Course is reinforced with real-life examples of leadership based on the Instructor’s multi-decade industrial and business experience spanning multiple industries, multi-nationally and at senior leadership levels.
Students pursuing MBA and PhD; Executives, managers and leaders in industry, business and administrators as well as Entrepreneurs PREREQUISITES : GraduationINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :This course is likely to be well-recognized by a wide number of companies and industries, including start-ups.