Leadership for Cancer Informatics Research

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  • Welcome
    • In this module we will introduce you to how the material will be presented and the goals for the course.
  • Guidelines for multidisciplinary informatics teams
    • In this module we will discuss general strategies for working with multidisciplinary informatics teams, including collaboration tips, communication practices, record keeping strategies, and ways to advocate for your team members.
  • Informatics project guidelines
    • In this module we will discuss how to form good informatics questions, as well as ways to plan projects to avoid and mitigate common informatics project pitfalls.
  • Informatics relationships
    • In this module we will discuss specific ways in which you can support your multidisciplinary team members. We will cover collaboration techniques, employment strategies, and mentorship methods.
  • Promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity
    • In this portion of the course we will discuss ways to promote the inclusion of underrepresented groups in cancer informatics research. We will focus on clinical trial strategies, research practices, and lab management methods.
  • Informatics lab management tools
    • In this module we will cover a variety of tools that can help you perform informatics work and manage your research team.