Leadership for an Increasingly Diverse World

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  • Discovering Yourself as a Diverse Leader
    • Welcome to Week 1 of the course!
      The goal of Week 1 is to help you rediscover the curiosity you had at the age of 4 and to learn about yourself and others. To achieve that goal, you will be guided to unpack diversity from both a conceptual and an existential framework.
      A series of video lectures, learning activities, and reflective exercises will help you unravel all the ways you are diverse. Then, you will use this self-awareness to analyze how your personal diversity influences your actions and behaviors in the leadership contexts in which you serve.
      Before diving into the Week 1 content and learning activities, please view the welcome video from your instructor and then complete a short “pre-assessment” quiz to gauge what diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice mean to you.
  • Discovering Yourself as an Inclusive Leader
    • Now that you have discovered what diversity looks like in yourself and in others, how do you integrate those identities? This module will help you evolve as a more inclusive leader. You will learn how to utilize what you know about diversity to elevate and celebrate yourself and others in personal and professional environments.
  • Discovering Yourself as an Equity Leader
    • Congratulations on completing the first half of the course! You have examined the vital role of diversity and inclusion in ethical leadership. You have also reflected on your own personal and professional experiences with diversity and equity. Your learning this week will help you build upon the foundation of diversity and inclusion in the workplace as an equity leader.
  • Becoming a Justice-Seeking Leader
    • This is it! You have reached the final week of the course, where you will knit together everything you have learned about diversity, inclusion, and equity so that you can emerge as a justice-seeking leader. This capstone module will help you design your role as a justice-seeking leader by examining justice-seeking workplace practices, exploring the unique qualities of justice-seeking leaders, and wrapping up the course with your own justice-seeking audit.