Leadership and Team Effectiveness

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Week 1:Introduction to Leadership & Team Management; Leadership Myths; Interactional Framework for analyzing leadership; Leadership Development: The First 90 Days as a Leader; Leader Development- The Action-Observation-Reflection ModelWeek 2:LMX Theory and Normative Decision Model; Situational Leadership Model; Contingency Model and Path Goal Theory; Emotional Approach Charismatic and Transformational Leadership; Leadership for TomorrowWeek 3:Leadership Attributes; Personality Traits and Leadership; Personality Types and Leadership; Intelligence and Leadership; Emotional Intelligence and LeadershipWeek 4:Power and Leadership; The art of influence in leadership; Leadership and “Doing the Right Things; Character-Based Approach to Leadership; Role of Ethics and Values in Organisational Leadership Week 5:Leadership Behaviour; Leadership Pipeline; Assessing Leadership Behaviors: Multi-rater Feedback Instruments; The Dark Side of; Leadership- Destructive Leadership; Managerial Incompetence and Derailment Conflict ManagementWeek 6:Negotiation and Leadership; Leadership under a crisis situation; The Situation and the Environment; Culture and Leadership; Global Leadership Week 7:Motivation and Leadership; Introduction to Groups and Teams; Characteristics of Leader, Follower and Situation; Group Dynamics; Team FormationWeek 8:Delegation and Empowerment; Leading teams: Enhancing teamwork within a group; The leader’s role in team-based organizations; Leader actions that foster Teamwork Effectiveness; Offsite training and team developmentWeek 9:Understanding Team processes and Team Coaching; Team decision making and conflict management; Virtual teams; Managing Multicultural teams; Building great teamsWeek 10:Experiential Learning; Action Learning; Development Planning: GAP Analysis; Coaching and Mentoring; Women in Leadership RolesWeek 11:Building Effective Relationship with subordinates and peers; Fostering Followers satisfaction; The Art of Communication; Setting Goals and Providing Constructive Feedback; Enhancing Creativity problem solving skills Week 12:Building High-Performance Teams: The Rocket Model; Building Credibility and Trust; Skills for Developing.Others; Team Building at the Top; Community Leadership