Leadership and Disruption

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  • Disruptive leadership
    • Start by watching the first video to understand the LAB concept (Learn, Apply, and Benefit). During the first course week, you will gain an appreciation of the changes in the business scenario and the urgent need for new leadership competencies. You will understand how storytelling can be a powerful strategic communications tool to inform, engage, motivate and inspire remote teams and disrupt business, learning throughout real stories.
  • Life Long Learner
    • During the second course week you will understand how you can become a lifelong learner and focus on continual learning of new, in-demand skills to face the future of work successfully. Learning throughout real stories you will also recognize the importance of developing priorities and purpose and how to plan your life balance, finding a harmony between personal and professional lives.
  • What do they need
    • During the third course week you will know how to lead hybrid, face to face and/or remote teams. Learning throughout real stories you will understand the new models of leadership that will equip you for the new workplace, new demands and new challenges in the years to come and know how you can effectively delegate, follow up and give feedback.
  • Future is now
    • During the fourth course week you will know how to how to effectively navigate the challenges of significant organizational disruptions. These topics are particularly relevant in the wake of the global business transformation and disruption: leaders will need to develop new models for leading themselves, team and business. You will learn from some real stories and examples that will reference lessons leaders around the world in themes like digital transformation, innovation, disruption, agile leadership.