Large Marine Ecosystems: Assessment and Management

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  • What is the Large Marine Ecosystem Approach?
    • Introducing the Large Marine Ecosystem approach, ecosystem based management principles, and the five modules. There are three topics covered in this first week - ecosystem-based management, the concept of Large Marine Ecosystems, and the 5-module approach to assessment and management. As well as my lectures, there are also summaries of some key readings and links to other resources. We've included practice quizzes to help you recap and test your understanding of the key concepts as we move through the lessons. There is one graded quiz at the end of the week, which carries marks - but you may take the quiz more than once. At the end of this week, and all the other weeks, Dr Kenneth Sherman will share his insights about the topics we have covered.
  • The Three Natural Science Modules
    • In this week, we deal with the three natural science modules within the five module approach.
  • The Two Human Dimension Modules
    • We move onto the two human dimensions of the five module approach.
  • Tools and Actions: the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis and the Strategic Action Programme
    • This is the heart of the course - delving into the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategic Action Programme (SAP).
  • Transboundary Marine Ecosystem-Based Management
    • This week we move into the application of the approaches and the tools we have been discussing - with a description of how LME projects are implemented - focusing on marine ecosystem-based management (EBM).
  • Taking it Home: Examples of Best Practice
    • We have included a number of case studies of LMEs, inviting marine ecosystem managers and scientists from across our network to describe their work in implementing EBM.