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I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing my most requested landscape oil painting yet, a misty forest scene! This class is for artists of absolutely all skill levels, and it covers a vast majority of my signature mist building techniques while creating a very serene and beautiful forest landscape.  Each and every one of these tutorials that I am creating truly play off of one another as we work our way towards even larger, more complex landscape paintings together. Brushstroke by brushstroke you will find a greater creative confidence and a much deeper understanding and appreciation for this wonderful medium while building an absolutely wonderful realist painting skillset.


34" x 40" Stretched Canvas (or something similar with a more panoramic feel)

Eco House or Gamsol Odorless Spirits for cleaning your brushes

Liquin Light Gel Medium by Winsor & Newton (or Walnut Oil/ Linseed Oil if drying time isn't an issue)

Oil Paints: Titanium White, Charcoal Gray, Indigo Blue, Prussian Green, Green Earth (I go over the substitutes for this list in the video)

Brushes:  2" and 4" blending brushes (Escoda Naturals and Proart are my favourites) and some White Taklon brushes in various sizes in both flat and filbert styles (or whatever you have on hand).

Palette and Palette Knife

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