Landscape Architecture and Site Planning – Basic Fundamentals

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In the event of rapid urbanization there is a trend of fast depletion of natural resources especially the vegetation.Depletion of natural ground-cover and Landscape is one of the major sources of natural hazards, such as Landslide, Flood, Heat Island, Soil erosion etc. There is growing interest in this field of knowledge.This course is tailored very effectively to introduce all aspects of Plant sciences, Planting design techniques, Garden maintenance and management. This course would be very useful for the students as well as practicing architects, planner, engineers and common people.The lectures would be supported with real-time illustrations through sketches and analysis, in addition to the digital illustrations time to time. These would result in easy comprehension by the students of different level of ability and Exposure. Multiple illustrations with case studies would be the strength of this course disseminated with lucid lectures.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Interested StudentsPRE REQUISITES : NilINDUSTRY SUPPORT : This course would be very useful for the Govt. or Private,Horticulture and Gardening departments, Plant Nurseries, any individual Landscape connoisseurs.