Laboratory and Workshop Management

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The classroom learning emphasizes on understanding of theories while practical in the laboratory and workshop learning need to play very important roles for the students who study technical courses. Laboratory and workshops are amazing learning environments which provide students with real life opportunities to implement theoretical knowledge. The laboratory and workshop classes bridges between theory and practice. In accordance to it management issues, the practice classes are to be taken care of for better understanding. This course explains management issues of laboratory and workshops in conducting practical classes.



Following aspects will be covered in week 1, introduction (aims of laboratory andworkshop classes), the purpose and nature of activities in laboratory and workshop, skill development in laboratory and workshop.

Nature of learning process in laboratory and workshop, methodology of laboratory and workshop learning will be covered in week 2.

Following aspects will be covered in week 3, basis of evaluation in laboratory and workshop, and various parameters for the performance assessment of laboratory and workshop classes.

Management issues such as management of students, their attitude, diversity, timings etc. are proposed to be covered in week 4.

Common hazards in laboratory and workshops are proposed to be covered in week 5.

In week 6, safety management in laboratory and workshops, personal protective equipment etc. will be discussed.

Role of instructor for laboratory/workshop for the laboratory and workshop development will be discussed in week 7.

In week 8, waste management in laboratories and workshops, common violations in waste management in laboratory/workshop will be discussed.