Korean for Beginners: Step 4

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  • Unit 1. At the Restaurant
    • Welcome to the final course of the specialisation! This week we are going to learn the vocabulary necessary for going to a cafe or restaurant. In the grammar section we will learn to new constructions: 'feel like doing', negative construction, contrastive connective and 'can/cannot'.
  • Unit 2. At the Shop
    • This week we are going to learn new grammar constructions: 'to try doing' -아/어/여 보다, -아/어/여 주다, sentence ending -지요. In vocabulary and dialogue section you can find new words and phrases that will be useful for going shopping.
  • Unit 3. Transport
    • This week we are going to learn more about public transport — new words and phrases are waiting for you in the vocabulary and dialogue sections. We will consider situation of asking for directions and payment on the bus. In the grammar section we are going to discuss the particle -(으)로, the particles of location -에서 ... -까지, the construction of obligation -아/어야 하다/되다, the constructions with ‘before doing’ -기 전에 and ‘after’, ‘later’ -(으)ㄴ 후에.
  • Peer-review Assignment: Traveling Plans
    • In the final week of our specialisation we are providing you with an opportunity to share your traveling plans with course instructors and your coursemates. Make sure to complete the tests in revision sections in order to prepare for your final project. Good luck!