Korean for Beginners: Step 3

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  • Unit 1. Traveling
    • Welcome to the new part of our course series! This week we are going to learn how to talk about travel plans and trips. You are going to learn new vocabulary and grammar constructions that will help you to express wishes and desires, intentions and conditions.
  • Unit 2. Hobbies
    • This week we are going to discuss the vocabulary for the topic "Hobbies". New grammar constructions with the state/result modifier, nominal form and the particle of comparison will help you to tell about your hobbies and preferences.
  • Unit 3. Family
    • This week we are going to discuss family and family activities. In grammar section you will learn adverbs of frequency and how to use them, as well as honorific verbs, nouns and particles that you can use when addressing elder members of your family and talking about them with others.
  • Introduce Yourself!
    • This week you are going to complete your first peer-review assignment. It is time to use the vocabulary and grammar you have been learning through the past weeks in practice! Please pay attention to the revision section that is aimed at helping you in preparation. Good luck!