Korean for Beginners 2

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  • Unit 1. My Daily Routine
    • Welcome to the course! This week we are going to discuss the vocabulary and grammar constructions related to the topic "My daily routine". The grammar materials for this week include constructions with the object particle, personal pronouns, verbs of motion and the particle of location. Please, do not forget to do the exercises and check your progress!
  • Unit 2. Time
    • This week we are going to talk about time and learn how to use Korean and Sino-Korean numbers with regard to this topic. We will learn how to talk about events and actions in the past and how to express a sequence of actions.
  • Unit 3. Plans
    • This week we are going to learn how to talk about intentions and plans using the future tense constructions and new vocabulary related to time. Furthermore, we are going to learn how to express negation in order to enrich your active grammar and communication skills in Korean.
  • Unit 4. Weather
    • How's the weather today? In this unit we are going to learn to describe the weather and discuss related topics in Korean. The grammar section includes the constructions for making proposals and suggestions, expressing surprise and admiration, as well as a new way of expressing intentions using the future marker.