Korean for Beginners 1

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  • Unit 1. Welcome!
    • Dear learners, we are glad to welcome you to our course! Every Unit of this course consists of a few main sections — Vocabulary, Grammar, Dialogues and Test. Of course, we cannot start leaning Korean without mastering Korean alphabet and pronunciation. That is why in the first two weeks we will also have Phonetics lessons.This week we are going to start learning Korean alphabet, pronunciation of basic sounds and writing of letters. Please note that each video is followed by a section with writing sheets for your practice. Also you can find links to the materials of our course in Quizlet — all vocabulary is split into small sets there to help you memorise words and grammar points faster and easier. Good luck!
  • Unit 2. Korean Alphabet (Part 2)
    • Welcome to the second week of our course! Are you ready to continue learning Korean alphabet? This week we are going to learn its final parts — aspirated and tensed consonants and W-vowels, as well as some general rules of pronunciation and assimilation in Korean. In the grammar section we are going to learn more about the Copula (its interrogative and negative forms). Don't forget to practice writing and memorise new vocabulary using our sets of cards. Good luck!
  • Unit 3. Introducing Yourself
    • Welcome to Week 3! Well done on learning Korean alphabet and the main pronunciation rules. Please continue practice your writing using writing sheets provided in previous lessons. This week we are going to learn how to tell more about yourself in Korean. Vocabulary section contains names of countries, and in the Grammar section we are going to learn how to use Korean numbers. Good luck!
  • Unit 4. I Have ...
    • Welcome to the final week of our course! You've done a great work and we hope that your interest in Korean has only increased throughout the past weeks. This week we are going to learn how to express possession of something and tell about objects' and people's location. Upon completion of this week you can join the second part of Korean language course by St. Petersburg University to learn even more! Good luck!