Knowledge Management

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Week 1: Introducing the concept of KM: Why KM, KM system life cycle, and aligning KM and business strategyWeek 2: KM Cycle: Knowledge creation, capturing tacit knowledge, Types of knowledge and its implications for KM
Week 3: Knowledge codification and system development: codification, system testing and deployment,
Knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing- the role of culture and structure
Week 4: KM system : Analysis design and development: Knowledge infrastructure, Knowledge audit, and knowledge team
Week 5: KM system : Analysis design and development: Analysis, design and development of KM system
Week 6: KM tools and Portals: inferences from data, data mining and knowledge portals
Week 7: Evaluation of KM effectiveness: Tools and metricsEthical, legal and managerial issues
Week 8: KM experiences form Indian companies, KM innovation and Learning organization, The future of KM