Kinematics of Mechanisms and Machines

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This course will deal with kinematic analysis of mechanisms and machines. It will include motion and force transmission analysis of linkage mechanisms, open and closed-chain planar robots, and geared transmission. The discussion will start with an introduction to the subject matter and nomenclature, and will cover direct and inverse kinematics, velocity and acceleration analysis, kinematic path generation for robots, singularities in kinematic chains, principle of virtual work and force analysis, and kinematic analysis of gear transmission.The course will demonstrate various concepts by working out problems relevant to real life applications of mechanisms. The course is expected to help students in their basic understanding and use of kinematic analysis.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace and Bio-Medical Engineering
PREREQUISITES :Engineering Mechanics,
Undergraduate Mathematics
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Automobile and Aerospace industries, Automation and robotic device manufacturers, Bio-Medical device manufacturers