Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life

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  • Welcome to Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding Life
    • Learn what this course is about, who's teaching it, and other ways you can explore this topic. Meet and greet your peers as well!
  • Introduction - Beginning of the Universe
    • In module two, we explore how humans are part of the larger universe story.
  • The Formation of Galaxies and Stars
    • This module explores many of the world's greatest stories and how they begin with a journey, a quest to answer life's most intimate questions like where do we come from and why are we here?
  • Our Solar System and Life’s Emergence
    • Here we look at several major milestones in scientific discovery that expanded our knowledge of the solar system
  • Living and Dying and the Passion of Animals
    • Now we invite you to think about the coevolution of the human with other species within this broad time scale. Completing this module may change the way that you understand what it means to be human!
  • From the Origin of the Human to Becoming a Planetary Presence
    • In this module, we hope you come to understand the human species to be “planetary” in a way that other species are not.
  • Rethinking Matter and Time within the Emerging Earth Community
    • What does it mean to you to live in cosmological time? How is thinking like this different than your previous understanding of time? What implications does it have for your understanding of yourself and your sense of your relation to the world around you? This module explores answers to these questions.