Japanese for beginners 1

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  • Unit 1
    • This week we are going to learn the general information about the Japanese language, the basics of phonetics and pronunciation, grammar structure of the Japanese sentences, and the first letters of hiragana script.
  • Unit 2
    • This week's grammar materials contain the information about Japanese pronouns, the structure of a simple declarative sentence. In writing lessons you are going to learn how to write new hiragana letters.
  • Unit 3
    • This week you are going to learn how Japanese verbs and adjectives change their form, as well as learn new Japanese suffixes. Writing lessons introduce another Japanese script - katakana.
  • Unit 4
    • This week you are going to learn to introduce new objects and adverbial modifiers, ask new questions. In writing lessons you will learn the rules of voicing and invoicing in the katakana script.
  • Unit 5
    • In this unit there will be less new grammar rules, and main attention will be paid to lexical aspects, as well as to etiquette and polite forms. In the writing lessons you will learn how to write your first characters.