Irish 203: Irish Language and Culture for Adults

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Learn Irish and be inspired by the rich culture of Ireland

On this course, you’ll develop your knowledge of the Irish language and explore the many facets of Ireland’s culture.

The course is set at an elementary level and, by the end of the course, you should feel more confident speaking and understanding Irish grammar at a more intermediate level.

The course covers subjects such as health and feelings, food and drink, sport, and music.

You’ll also explore relevant aspects of Irish culture that are woven into the language in order to understand the language and country at a deeper level.

The course is designed for adult elementary Irish language learners looking to work towards intermediate level.

This may include the Irish diaspora, international Irish language and cultural enthusiasts, indigenous learners of the language who wish to learn the language from scratch again and anyone who wants to learn the basics of Irish and the culture associated with it.