• Week 1: Course Orientation and Enterprise Infrastructure Part 1
    • Welcome to the third IoT course. This course builds on the first two courses in this series: IoT Devices and IoT Communications. Here, you will begin to learn enterprise IoT. Enterprise networks, from first-hop access to backend IoT services are critical because they allow your IoT devices to reach the Internet and achieve their true intelligence. IoT places extreme demands on first-hop access - ultra-dense deployments challenge spectrum allocation, the need to provide strong segmentation yet let devices reach into IoT services such as gateways and databases. During this week you will begin to learn about these challenges, and the underlying protocols and technologies of wired networks that can help you to address them.
  • Week 2: Infrastructure Part 2
    • This week we will cover the second part of Enterprise Infrastructures. Please be aware that this week there is a review quiz that covers Week 1 and 2.
  • Week 3: Infrastructure: Core Networking Part 1
    • How do you build routers and switches that can handle these extreme demands? We will go inside them to understand. We will take a trip inside a router, and understand it from the inside out. We will start by understanding how packets flow across devices, then understand the different device types that make up core networks, their internal architectures, data structures and algorithms they use internally to forward packets with strong performance guarantees.
  • Week 4: Core Networking Part 2
    • This week, we continue to explore further the topics of Core Networking. Please be aware that this week contains a review quiz which covers both week 3 and 4.