Invitation to Ex-Noguchi Room: Preservation and Utilization of Cultural Properties in Universities

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Cultural properties and art resources can be found in a variety of places, not just museums and galleries. Universities are one of these places. Many universities have their own art resources, but they are often not recognized as valuable and left under-utilized or not utilized at all. What is the situation regarding cultural properties in your university or school?

In this course, we will examine how to bring attention to cultural properties in a university, preserve and utilize them. The course focuses on the ‘Ex-Noguchi Room’ as a case study, which is a cultural property of Keio University in Tokyo. The space and what its contents are no longer in thier original state due to the partial reconstruction.

This course is made possible and supported by the lsamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum and The lsamu Noguchi Foundation of Japan, Inc.

The Japanese version of this course is available.

This course is for those who are interested in the cultural properties, historical architecture in universities and the presentation therewith to the public. It will be of particular interest to curators, administrators of old architecture, or those who hope to utilize the resources in universities and create a balance of preservation and utilization. This course is especially recommended for those who hope to utilize Keio University’s Ex-Noguchi Room.